A Guide for Ushers

What is an usher? Why is an usher important to my wedding?

When you’re looking for ways to include family members beyond adding them to your bridal party, selecting them as ushers is often a great choice.

The general rule is 1 usher for every 50 guests. Even for small weddings, you should still have at least two ushers so that no one is left standing and waiting to be escorted to their seat for too long. Having ushers at your ceremony is also beneficial, because you will have designated men who can direct people to restrooms, assist any handicapped persons, and answer questions when the bridal party is busy.

The responsibilities of an usher include:

1. Seats all wedding guests

2. Traditionally, seats bride’s family on the left and groom’s family on the right

3. If seating becomes one sided, tries to even it up

4. Gives right arm to women and escorts them down the aisle to their seat

5. Helps make sure there are no distractions during the ceremony (late arrivers, disruptive kids, enforces “no pictures” rule, etc.)

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