6 Tips on Choosing a Travel Agent

1. You should get a good feeling when you talk to your travel agent. The office should be pretty organized and neat, and you should be treated politely.

2. An agent is not going to know answers to every question you ask, but he or she shouldn’t brush off questions either. If you ask the agent something he or she is not familiar with, make sure he or she gets back to you within 72 hours with a reasonable answer.

3. Don’t hire someone who works out of his or her home. You want someone who is affiliated with an agency and who is a member of an organization. Typically, someone who is a member of an organization or with an agency will make sure to give you what you need versus trying to oversell you on a lot of stuff that’ll make their paycheck bigger. Ask your travel agent if they make a certain percentage commission off of what they sell to you.

4. Find out if the agency has insurance that will cover you if an airline goes belly up or the resort goes out of business.

5. More and more travel agencies are offering honeymoon registries as an alternative to traditional registries. If you have a hard time deciding what you need for your household, let yourselves off the hook by registering for a honeymoon.

6. By registering for a honeymoon, you can take a honeymoon that you might not have been able to afford otherwise. It’s also easy to work with the travel agent long distance. You can register for your honeymoon and make your travel plans over the phone.

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