A Quick and Elegant Way to Assemble your Invitations

Learn how to assemble your invitations so that all of its components are presented to the guests in a beautiful and elegant way. Go ahead and clear up space on your dining room table so that way you can spread out all the parts of the invitations; and have some music playing, this is going to take a while!

1. Have you addressed outer envelopes and your addressed inner envelopes standing in a box for easy access.

2. First, place your wedding invitations, already folded in half, with the print side up on the far left-hand side of the table surface.

3. Next to the invitations, set down the stack of tissues you’ll lay over the invitations.

4. The next pile includes the response envelope, the response card, and the reception card. Start by stacking the response envelopes with the print side down (already stamped) so that the flap is sticking up. Next to the envelopes, place the pile of response cards and the reception cards.

5. Place at the far right end of your assembly line the outer and inner envelopes (it would be much easier with the invited guests names and addresses already written on them) and an empty box (to put the assembled invitations into). Now you can start putting them together!

6. Pick up the invitation and pick up the tissue and lay it over the printed portion of the invitation.

7. Then pick up the response card envelope and place the response card, with the printed side up, under the flap but not in the envelope. Then placed the reception card, on top of the response card, print side up. Lay the stack on top of the invitation; make sure the print on the invitation and the response card are parallel to each other.

8. Slide everything into the inner envelope with the invitation folder at the bottom of the inner envelope.

9. Turn the inner envelope over so that the printed names are facing you and then slide it into the outer envelope. The finished package should be put together in such a way that if you lift the flap of the outer envelope you would see the printed names on the inner envelope.

10. Seal the envelope and place it in the empty box. Do the same for the rest of the invitations (this is why we have music…) and when finished, deliver them to the post office! You’re done!

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