Planning From Afar

Here are some tips for planning a long distance wedding!

1. keep good notes on what’s being done and whom you might have delegated something to. That way if something happens with your flowers, you can look in your notes and see who was supposed to be handling them and what you’ve got jotted down from your last conversation.

2. Keep in touch with major players in the wedding, such as the bride award or your mother-in-law – especially if one of them is doing some of the planning for you.

3. If you’re going to travel to the wedding destination at all before hand, plan to get as much done as possible during that trip.

4. Learn that when planning a wedding from a far, you’re going to have to give up some control. If you accept that fact from the very start, you’ll save yourself from getting upset later when you realize you can’t control everything – especially over long distances.

5. Confirm everything ahead of time, including the names of the vendors you hired and the date the deposit was sent.

6. Only hire people who were recommended to you by people you trust or whom you have seen in action at other weddings.

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