Makeup- Doing it Yourself Vs. Hiring a Pro (Part 2)

Hiring a Pro

• Ask the people close to you for recommendations!

• Make sure that the makeup artist you hire is polite and cooperative and that your personalities click. You’ll already be under enough stress on your wedding day, you don’t want your makeup artist to add to your stress.

• A makeup artist should be willing to travel to your wedding location if necessary so you don’t have to worry about getting to a salon. However, you should expect to pay some sort of travel fee to compensate the makeup artist for his or her time on the road.

• Expect to have a preliminary makeup consultation one month before your wedding.

• Let the makeup artist know whether you’re wearing a white or ivory dress and try to take a swatch of fabric with you to your consultation.

• If there’s a certain makeup style you like, show your makeup artist! However, keep in mind that each woman’s makeup will vary since everyone is different.

• Your makeup artist will probably suggest that your face be thoroughly cleansed, toned, and moisturized before your wedding.

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