Ways to Save Money on your Wedding

Firstly, allow yourself plenty of time to plan. This way you can compare prices between different vendors and bargain prices down.

You can also ask family members help out with the wedding, as long as they can do it! You can have your friends and family members help set up and decorate for your wedding, or manage the guest book, just about anything.

You can get great buys in places where you wouldn’t normally shop for wedding stuff. Most people think of bridal boutiques and chain stores such as David’s Bridal, Target, and Hobby Lobby… but you will be surprised what you can find at places like Dollar Tree or even the Goodwill around the corner! 

Limiting the menu for dinner is another great way to cut down costs; instead of having a buffet, or 3 course meal (which can easily run up your bill).

Buy your own liquor! Doing this will avoid any markups in price. In addition, don’t have an open bar. Make sure to limit what’s available to drink (you don’t want guests taking shots at 5PM and drinking until 11PM or later… that’s when things turn into a safety concern).

You can also save money by not allowing children at your wedding. This can cut the catering bill down tremendously. But if you do this, make sure to make it clear to all guests that you are having an adults-only ceremony and/or reception.

You can also take advantage of local craft artists to make the décor and accessories for your wedding. You could also sign up for a crafts making class if you are wanting to do all the designing yourself. You could learn how to make your own centerpieces, bouquets, and much more!

Also never be afraid to ask for a discount! If you are really wanting a certain caterer and they are quoting you at $15 a plate but you can only afford $12 a plate, ask what your options are! Let them know that you were hoping to stay around $12 a plate. Most vendors are willing to work with couples on costs. We know how expensive weddings can be so if there is something we can do to make sure your dreams come true, we will try!

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