Hiring a Band

One difference between hiring a DJ or a band is that a DJ is going to play music that sounds like it does on the radio. The band, instead, is going to play music that sounds similar to what you hear on the radio but with a slight twist to it. If you like the aura of live entertainment and would prefer your music not to be like the music you listen to at home, then a band is right for you.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when hiring a band to play at your wedding:

  1. As soon as you book your wedding date, book a band. Good bands get snatched up as early as a year in advance.
  2. Make sure to hire a band with a good reputation in business.
  3. Ask your venue if they have any recommendations on bands, as they have probably worked with many and know which ones are the best!
  4. Make sure to choose a band that specializes in weddings. You don’t want them to be unfamiliar with the vibe and play breakup songs the whole time!
  5. Make sure to meet the band, face to face. This is the only way to know if you like the people who will be playing at your wedding.
  6. Make sure to clarify exactly how long they will play and if breaks will take place (they should at least get one 30-minute break to eat dinner) and how many breaks will take place.
  7. Make sure on the contract to include the timeframe discussed, make sure to clarify what the musicians will wear for your wedding in the contract, and also list the names of all the band members that will be there.
  8. Remember, a good band is worth its price tag. Think of hiring a band in regards to buying a car. If you find a band new Mercedes and it comes with a really cheap price tag, you have to wonder what could be wrong with it.

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