Questions About Invitation Etiquette

If I know a medical doctor, do we include their title on the invitation?

  • Traditionally, yes, medical doctors are supposed to use their professional titles on wedding invitations. However, times have changed so you see more Mr. and Mrs. titles on invitations. 

What if someone I know has a Ph. D. Should I title them as “Doctor”?

  • No, as a Ph. D., it is not proper to use “Doctor” as their title on a wedding invitation. 

What if a couple is married but the wife kept her maiden name? How should it appear on the invitations?

  • As “Mr. John Doe and “Mrs. Jane Smith”

How should my fiancé and I properly put our names on the wedding invitations?

  • A proper wedding invitation will have both of your names (first, middle, and last) starting with the bride then the groom as “Jane Anne Doe and John Michael Smith”.

If our ceremony starts at 9:00AM in the morning how should we word it on the invitations?

  • Never put “AM” or “PM” on a wedding invitation, instead, put “in the morning”, “in the evening”, or “in the afternoon”. This will help reduce chance of confusion.

A good example of a wedding invitation outline:

Together with their parents

Jane Ann Doe


John Michael Smith

request the honor of your presence

at their marriage

Saturday, the twenty-fourth of October

two thousand twenty, twenty-one

at five o’clock in the evening

First Baptist Church

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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