What to do with your wedding!

Buy a new perfume! It is so special to have a scent that every time you smell it, you remember your wedding day. Get your fiancé a cologne as well!

Give your photographer more items for the detail shots! Make sure to give your photographer the rings, invitations, veil, flowers, shoes…. but don’t forget about the other things such as perfume bottles, jewelry, lipsticks, belts, pocket silks and those other things that are adding to your wedding day.

Make sure to have time carved out in your timeline for your future husband and you to be alone for a few minutes after the ceremony. 

If you are having an unplugged ceremony, make sure to not only put-up signs that mentions no phones, but also have your officiant make an announcement. If you want to give people that time to take their photos, you can have a “social media minute” where after you walk down the aisle, you can turn and face your guests so they can get their photos done and everyone is happy. It will also give you and your fiancé time to look at your guests and take it all in.

Stock the Bar Party! Invite everyone who will be at the reception to a party a week or so before your wedding and have them bring any and all the alcohol they want, and then you only have to pay for bartenders. Also, signature drinks are always a hit!

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