Five Simple Steps to Finding Wedding Vendors

Follow these 5 steps to help you decided on the perfect wedding vendors for your wedding.

  1. Find 3-5 vendors for each category. You can do this by searching online or asking other people you know that have gotten married for referrals.
  2. Send those vendors an email. And YES, all of them!! You want to go ahead and get in contact with each of these vendors as soon as you can to make sure that they will be able to service you on your big day. Don’t wait too long to introduce yourself! Make sure you tell them when and wear the wedding will be, and ask them if they are available, and if they have information they can send to you about the packages they offer.
  3. Review the information they provided to you! And again, YES ALL OF THEM! This is where you will want to compare and contrast the different vendors. Maybe some are all inclusive packages and some are not; maybe you can’t afford many of the vendors prices. Make sure to find the vendor that will cater towards your needs on your wedding day. Don’t pay for something that really isn’t a big deal to have at your wedding.
  4. Decide who you would like to have an interview with and go ahead and set those appointments over phone, video chat, or in person. Most can be done over phone but there are a few vendors I suggest to meet in person, and that is the venue manager, the photographer, the DJ/MC, and your officiant. These four vendors are going to be see and talked to a lot by guests so you want to make sure they have the vibe and energy you are wanting for your wedding.
  5. Pick the winner, pay your deposit, and sign those contracts!

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