Do You Have A Wedding Box?

What is a wedding box?

A wedding box is something a bride will put together the night/day before her wedding to where everything the photographer (and herself) may need is in one spot. This box is mainly for the use of detail shots before the wedding. Keeping everything your photographer may need to photograph in one place will make sure that nothing gets lost and you don’t have to search through your bags for everything you want a photo of (and it also makes sure you don’t forget to get a photo of something). Anything can be added to this box, but here’s my list of essential items to keep in one place.

What do I put in my wedding box?

  1. Stuff from the wedding
    • Groom’s boutineer
    • Notes to/from bride and groom
    • Jewelry and hair accessories for bride
    • Cufflinks, tie-bar and socks for groom
    • Garter + throw garter
    • Something borrowed, blue, old, and new
  2. Stationary
    • Save the dates
    • Invitation suite (the whole thing)
    • Envelopes
  3. Memorabilia’s
    • Bride’s shoe’s’ box
    • Buy the nail polish color you are wearing (in case of chips)
    • Any bible studies done prior to the wedding
    • Wedding perfume/cologne
    • BOTH ring boxes
  4. Wedding Necessities
    • Checks to pay for last minute stuff
    • A pen
    • Wedding Planner
    • Extra bobby-pins

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