Things You Need to Know Before Your Wedding

  1. You will be nervous walking down the aisle. Especially when you read your vows. Take a deep breath and just soak it all in!
  2. You will be busy entertaining people. From the second you go into the reception, you will be talking and smiling to everyone. All eyes will be on you!
  3. You may be entertaining everyone but you will not get to talk to everyone at your wedding. You will most likely just be able to say “hi” and “bye” to most of your guests. Remember this when you are preparing your guest list.
  4. Find some time to spend alone. Dedicated some time for you and your significant other to spend some time alone even if it’s just for one song at the end of the night.
  5. You will cry! (even if you don’t think you will). Have your maid-of-honor keep some tissues on her down the aisle in case you need them during the ceremony.
  6. The day will go so quick! Dedicate someone to take candid photos throughout the day so that you have more than enough photos and videos to remember it by.
  7. You will not sleep the night before your wedding! Have some nice facemasks and caffeine ready for you when you wake up in the morning.
  8. No one will remember your décor (except you).
  9. Be prepared for extra people to show up that you didn’t expect/invite. It’s inconvenient (and a little rude…) but it happens almost at every wedding; so just be prepared with an empty table for non-rsvpers.
  10. Be prepared for people who RSVPed to not show up. Things happen and people get busy last minute, so expect for your guest list to be a little off the day of the wedding.

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