Utilizing Venue Space

Too cold outside? Not wanting the ceremony and reception held at different locations?

Create a floor plan that will allow both ceremony and reception to work in one space (a big open floor plan works best, or even a space with a garage door for some sunlight!). You can go ahead and set up your family in a normal ceremony seating chart (left and right sides with an aisle) and towards the opposite end of the venue you can go ahead and lay out tables for dinner and have everyone else already have their spots for dinner.

It’s also nice to have extra chairs to go ahead and set up tables for family but if there are not any extras (or you don’t want to buy any), just have the “men” in y our family move the chairs from the ceremony spot to the tables.

This is super easy to do and is actually a great backup plan for anyone planning and outdoor ceremony with possible chance of rain!

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