Help with Cutting Down your Guest List

Now, I totally get why it’s hard not to invite people to your wedding. When I got married, I got a little carried away with inviting and telling people about our wedding day. We, actually, ended up inviting over 60 more guests than we wanted! Yikes! It’s also important to remember that on average, about 75% of the guests you invite to your wedding will show up (and 25% will not) So, because of this, I thankfully did not go over budget. But, if I would have asked myself these six questions, I probably could have avoided the problem altogether and would have had more time to talk to the people I knew needed to be there verses just wanted to be there.

1. How would you feel if you were not invited to their wedding?

2. Would you mind talking to them for 15 minutes on your wedding day?

3. Are they an ex? Trust me…just avoid this, if you have seen the Friends episode, “the one where Ross says Rachel”, you know why this should be avoided.

4. Do you know their last name? Without checking on Facebook?

5. Have you talked to them in the last 6 months?

6. If they invited you to dinner next week, would you actually want to go?

Now sit down with your partner and ask each other theses questions and start chipping away at your guest list!

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  1. Very good questions!

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