Wedding Vendor’s Biggest Pet Peeve

A wedding vendor’s biggest pet peeve is when you inquire with them, talk to them, and then ghost them. If you did any type of dating before you met your spouse, you know how frustrating being ghosted is. Here is a sample of what you can say to a vendor, if you have made any type of contact with them but don’t plan to hire them:

Hi (fill in vendor’s name),

I/we appreciate the time you took to (send over pricing/talk on the phone/share your vision) with us. We can tell you love what you do and are good at it! (OR, fill it with something else that is true, no BS). We have decided to go in a different direction for (fill in craft/skill) that we think is best for us and our wedding.

We wish you the best!

(insert fiancé and your name here)

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