Plus 1s and Limited Seating

This is going to be really stressful, no matter what. But stick to these three rules of who gets a plus one for your wedding, and it should alleviate stress, simplify the process, and avoid any irritation from the guests.

1. If they are married or in a serious relationship, they get a plus one.

2. If they are from out of town, they get a plus one.

3. If they will not know anyone, or hardly anyone else at the wedding besides you, definitely give them a plus one too.

Pro Tip: Make sure to include a place on your RSVP that says, “we have (you fill in the number here before sending) seats reserved in your honor.” This is a gentle way to emphasize to your guests that your seating is limited and that plus ones, or children are/are not included in the arrangements.

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