Asking for Gifts

I totally get the “it’s kind of awkward” asking for gifts but remember that it is totally normal. Almost everyone is going to get you a gift whether you want them to or not; so, you might as well ask for things you will actually use or want.

For the bulk of my wedding registry, we set up through Amazon and through Zola. We just went through and added things that we knew we were going to need (for example, we had a whole new kitchen in our registry because most of our kitchen items were hand-me-downs from our family). Great thing about having the registry, is that since I added all the stuff myself, I made sure anything someone would get us matched everything else.

Also, consider creating a cash fund! People will give you money for your wedding, but some people feel its tacky to give it blankly and would rather put it towards something, like a honeymoon fund, house fund, car fund, whatever you are needing!

Come the wedding day, make sure to have a card box and a gift table set out so the guests will have somewhere to put your new stuff (ooh, and hide all your cards after guests arrive because sadly, people do steal them…).

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