Weddings Don’t Have Rules

I am very passionate about this new blog. And as simply put, it is about how “weddings do not have rules.”

I don’t even want to tell you how many brides I have that have told me that they “feel they can’t do something” or “don’t want to do something because of how other people may feel about it” or that they “can’t have what they want for their wedding because friends/family didn’t do that at their wedding” or even, “their friends and family are suggesting (but rather telling) the bride what she should do.”


Let me say it one more time for the people in the back, YOUR WEDDING DAY IS YOUR DAY!!!

Plus, no one else will remember your wedding day like you will.

I know people won’t remember because I ask. I ask every bride that I get to sit down and have a consultation with, “what are the things you remember about a wedding you went to?” The answers I always get are: they remember if they liked the food, if they had a good time, and they remember that you got married.

Again, this is your day!!

Make it the way you want, don’t worry about the other options on what you should do.

And if you need extra help telling those people, hire yourself a coordinator. Because we specialize in making sure you and your fiancé are completely satisfied.

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