It’s Me… HI!

I’m the owner, it’s me!

My name is Mariah Juarez and I am the owner and operator of Full Bloom Events based in Colorado Springs, CO. Full Bloom Events is who I am, I live my life to the fullest always trying to incorporate kindness and joy into the world. I spend my week days with the two most handsome men in the world, my husband and son, and my dog. On the weekends, I become your “fairy-god-mother” for the evening to make all your dreams come true!

My hobbies include listening to Taylor Swift (swiftie for life!!), spending time outdoors, learning new life skills from TikTok, videoing my son’s “hey mom watch this” moments, being the caretaker for my sweet family, and watching any and all reality tv shows (the Challenge is my favvvv).

I have been in the wedding industry for almost a decade, now. Before becoming the wedding coordinator I am today, I worked for a DJ company back in Abilene, Texas. I absolutely loved what I did, and getting to be a part of someone’s wedding day became very important to me.

When did I know coordinating weddings was “the one”?

While working as a DJ, I noticed how the bride of the wedding I was working, was not pumped with her coordinator. And I mean not at all. But not only that, any and every time she talked with her coordinator, she would get even more upset and teary. I knew in that moment, that I could be a wedding coordinator, but not like all the other wedding coordinators out there…

I care. I care so deeply about each and every one of the weddings I get to work. And I knew that with my experience, drive, and motivation, that I could be the best damn wedding coordinator there was.

So at last, my business was born. Since the opening of FBE back in 2018, my little family and I have moved from Texas to Colorado, and FBE is now servicing the State of Colorado.

Lauren (assistant) Mariah (owner) and Katelynn (assistant) of Full Bloom Events.