The accessories you choose to wear on your wedding day can really make or break the look you want to create. For example, if you’re wearing a widely decorated wedding gown with an extensive train, you’ll probably want to keep your veil and jewelry simple so as not to distract from the dress… and yourself, of course!

When you shop for accessories, make sure that you will have a chance to see your selections as a finished package. So when you go buy shoes or earrings: take the dress with you. Or make sure you have the option of returning items if they don’t look quite right when you try them on at home. It is very important that your entire ensemble looks good together!

One of the first things you must take into consideration when choosing your veil is the size and scale of the veil compared to your dress. A veil should complement a bride, not overwhelm her. Also, considering how much time and thought you are putting into selecting your dress, you don’t want the veil to cover the dress up. Not only will the decoration of your dress determine the veil you choose, but so will your face shape. If you have a narrow face, you may want to add width to the top of your face with a veil that puffs out around your head instead of hanging down around it. If you have a more round face and want to slim up your face, you’ll want to find a more subdued veil that creates more of a vertical line around your face.

With jewelry, in my opinion, simple is always better. Between a gown that has some bold characteristics to it and something fancy on your head, you will want to keep your jewelry to a minimum. If you wear a lot of rings on your hands, I suggest that for your wedding day, you wear only your wedding set. You also definitely don’t want to wear a watch.

Your decision about wearing a necklace depends more on the neckline of your dress. If you’re wearing a high-necked dress, it doesn’t make any sense for you to hang a necklace over it. for a gown with a lower cut neckline, stick with a necklace 18 to 20 inches long. What’s perfect about a necklace at this length is it won’t be so long that it hangs over the neckline of your dress. However, it’s just the right length to create a V on your upper chest. This elongates the neck, thins the face, and creates a fabulous frame for the face. Do keep in mind, that the neck lines of many gowns are beautifully cut and detailed. Therefore, wearing a necklace would just distract from the beauty of the dress.

When it comes to earrings, my general guideline is that the earring should not be larger than the tip of your thumb. Stick with an earring that is stable, not one that dangles and moves when you walk. This activity around your ears could be distracting to look at. The color of the earrings you choose should complement your dress. Pearls and diamonds are always an excellent choice. Remember: you want the focus to be on the face, not the earrings you choose to wear!

Shoes are perhaps one of the most important purchases you will make. You’re going to be on your feet practically all day, so invest in a pair shoes that will be comfortable for hours! However, do keep in mind, if your dress is detailed and eye-catching, you’ll want to stick with a simple styled shoe. Conversely, if you’re wearing a simpler dress, you can go with a more elaborate shoe. Remind bridesmaids to keep the same advice in mind when selecting their shoe. And don’t forget to break them in!

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