Including Others in your Wedding

It isn’t always possible to include every single friend and family member in your bridal party, but there are other ways to make good friends and loved ones feel special on your big day. You can always list special friends and relatives in your service program, but if you’d like to get them more involved, here are some suggestions for including people in your wedding.

Have someone be in charge of the guestbook.

Read a poem or religious reading during the ceremony.

Help the wedding coordinator with any needs.

Help call invited guest who forgot to respond to their invitations on time.

Help decorate the ceremony and reception area. 

Help with the bride and groom send off.

Help the photographer to make sure he or she doesn’t miss any important shots.

Help with cleanup after the wedding reception. 

If you do assign a friend or relative one or more of these tasks, have a boutonniere or corsage made for that person to wear on your wedding day. That way all the guests will know that he or she is someone special. 

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