Premarital Counseling

Before you get married, let’s talk about some things that need to be discussed/touched on…

Depending on where you get married, you might have to enter premarital counseling before you actually hold your ceremony (and depending on who is marrying you). With this day and age, we see more weddings held in venues than we do in actual churches. Most couples don’t get the chance to get that extra foundation put into their lives because of this change.

Of course, premarital counseling does not dictate whether or not you are going to have a successful marriage. But knowing what to talk to your husband about, what your differences are, and what you agree on, can definitely relieve stress in your marriage.

Here are the six main topics that every engaged couple should discuss before they get married:

1. Communication. You need to learn to argue in a way that isn’t demeaning.

2. Financial pressures. You may be a spender while your fiancé is a saver. You need to figure out a way you’ll make money decisions that make you both feel comfortable.

3. Having children. Birth-control methods need to be determined ahead of time, and you need to clarify when you each see children coming into your lives. In addition, you need to know how you would deal with an unplanned pregnancy.

4. Extended family and friends. This topic includes the relationship you currently have with your parents and friends and how that may change after you get married.

5. Sexual relations. Some people are raised to think that sex is not a healthy thing, so they won’t communicate with their spouse about what is fulfilling for them. A healthy sex life affects the well-being of your marriage.

6. Philosophy of life and religion. For example, if one of you is a practicing Jew and the other a practicing Christian, you are going to have to figure out how you will accommodate religion in your life.

As a man and wife, you have to share everything together. You become one unit, one body. Taking care of your marriage is taking care of yourself and the person that you dedicated your life to. remember to always keep an open mind with your significant other, and always remember why you’re getting married in the first place.

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