Choosing a Florist

Finding a florist who can make your dreams a reality is a huge task, so it’s important to know what kinds of questions to ask, what to look for in well-run business, and how to understand the nature of flowers. Do you research ahead of time, and I’m sure you’ll end up with gorgeous flowers!

As with any other vendors you hire for your wedding day, you want to use recommendations from friends and family when hiring a florist. If you attend a wedding or an event and see some flowers that you think are out of this world, don’t be afraid to ask the host who they used.

One of the first things you need to talk to a potential florist about is your budget. This way, the florist can direct you to the kinds of flowers that would fit your spending goals. Also go to their shop! You want to get a sense of how smoothly things run there and how they treat customers.

Right off the bat, the florist should ask you about the dress you’re wearing and the color of your bridesmaids dresses. It’s a good idea to take a picture if you have one or swatch of fabric. A florist who has experience doing weddings may even ask about your wedding colors during your initial phone conversation. Then when you come into the shop, he or she may have a couple floral arrangements made to give you an idea of what here she might make for your wedding.

A good florist not only will take your preferences into consideration but also guide you to the best flower choices for the season. Many brides make the mistake of taking sheets from magazines with them to their meeting with the florist. This approach may work when buying a dress, but its not that appropriate when shopping for flowers. These pictures can get the florist a good idea of the style for the bouquet or centerpiece you want, but they don’t help with the actual flower selection.

A good florist will take all of your ideas into consideration. Like your dress, veil or headpiece, bridesmaids dresses, centerpieces, ceremony site, etc.

Before you sign the contract with the florist, ask how many other events the florist is doing on the day of your wedding. You may want to steer clear of a florist who you think is juggling too many jobs at once. Have all of the details of your agreement spelled out in a contract, including what time the flowers will be delivered and, in the event that your first choice flowers aren’t available, what kind of flowers the florist will substitute.

Important Questions to ask a Florist

1. Do you specialize in weddings?

2. Are you licensed?

3. Do you have proper cooling devices?

4. Do you have references I can call?

5. Do you have pictures of work you’ve done for other weddings?

6. Are you familiar with the location where I’m having my ceremony and reception?

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