Makeup- Doing it Yourself Vs. Hiring a Pro (Part 1)

While you definitely wanna look beautiful on your wedding day, the morning-of is not the time to experiment with a new eyeshadow color or try on false eyelashes for the first time. Just as you should visit your hairdresser and try out your wedding day hair ahead of time, you should practice with your wedding day make up for the wedding day. Unless you’re really good at applying make up, I would suggest having it done professionally at least once so you can pick up tricks for making your eyeliner look straight or finding a lipstick that doesn’t make your teeth look yellow.

Doing it Yourself

• Keep in mind that you have to do a little more than street make up for your wedding. Otherwise, you’re going to look washed out in your photographs.

• Concealers are a must, to cover up any blemishes or dark circles under the eyes.

• You should apply powder to your finished makeup. It will keep you from looking shiny right away.

• Make sure that your face and neck are not two different colors.

• Play up your eyes with natural colors!

• If you know you are going to cry at your wedding, invest in waterproof mascara to prevent it from running.

• Keep a pressed powder compact on hand throughout the wedding day so you can blot oily spots as they come up.

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