Cake Alternatives

First of all, if you don’t like cake it’s OK! Personally, I do like cake but if I had the choice to eat a muffin instead, I totally would! One good alternative to cake would be to have a dessert bar. I really like dessert bars if you are having a large group of people and you kind of want to appease everyone. You can go to Costco or Sam’s and get everything you need for a dessert bar (and for a really good price. Most bakeries can offer you a dessert bar but you will be paying twice as much). It’s also a good stress reliver to have a dessert bar because everyone can self-serve themselves so you do not have to worry about having servers or who is going to cut the cake; it may also bring down the cost if you are paying for someone to hand out food. Another one to consider is you can do something fun like a doughnut wall. If you plan on a doughnut wall, here’s a word of advice: Weather. Is it going to be hot? Children. Kids like to grab things, especially food (I hate to admit this but I have seen kids who will grab multiple doughnuts off the doughnut wall, lick them and taste them, and then put them back on the wall…gross!)!

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