Why are Vendors So Expensive?

There are a few reasons as to why vendors are “pricey” compared to others in the business:

1. The demand is high and the supply is low. Speaking from a single-person business, I can only dedicate my time to one wedding a week for only 52 weeks a year. This limits my availability, and most vendors will say the same.

2. I will not “half-work” a timeline for a bride like an emotionless robot. Every single bride is a friend and I always bring my very best ideas to the table at every wedding. All the good vendors will feel the same way, and probably charge a little higher than someone who just wants a quick payday (and yes, sadly there are vendors like that).

3. I will make your wedding day better. I will bring fun and excitement to the wedding and you will have tons of people telling you how much fun the whole day was! Any good vendor will tell you from the beginning, that your day is a special day and you deserve to have the best time ever! And any great vendor will execute and solidify that you do have a blast!

4. I will be your sounding board for all ideas. Professions won’t just have you sign the contract and then not see you again until your wedding. You want someone who will check in on you every now and again and will ask if you need help!

Yes, we are expensive, but we are worth it!

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