Wedding Terminology

Preferred vendors

Who are they and how does it affect you?

Preferred vendor is a term that we use for venues that have a list of people that they primarily work with. They either have some form of partnership or they have worked together in the past and have a good relationship, and so they recommend their services.

What questions should I ask my venue about preferred vendors?

Am I allowed to pick a vendor not on this list? If they say yes, ask if there are any additional fees involved with having a vendor that they have never used before or one that is not on the list. I have seen it range from $100-$300 and some venues don’t charge you at all, you just pick somebody else. If they say no, that preferred list now becomes an exclusive list. That means those are the people that you have to choose from for your wedding. Find the ones that you love because they will be the people servicing your wedding. So make sure you don’t just pick someone random off of their list, make sure you do your research and you love what they do.

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