What not to do with your wedding!

Do not do any wedding planning until you have picked your venue. Why? Because your wedding venue is essentially the theme of your wedding. So, everything else will revolve around where you are choosing your venue. I’m talking your dress, your flowers, the wedding color scheme, and I am talking décor. Do not do anything until you figure out where you are going to have your wedding.

When picking out your wedding colors: do not pick out a wedding color that does not flatter your skin tone as the bride. If this color is not something you yourself would wear, do not put it on your bridesmaids because that is just going to clash with you. And you, want to look your best! You as the bride are going to be the main focus in all of these photos. So, you want to have colors around you that are going to be flattering to you. Find a color that really fits your skin tone because that’s what’s really going to make you pop, its going to make you look that much more beautiful!

Forgetting water!! Everyone forgets this one because the caterers provide water but they leave way before the bartenders do. Make sure to keep extra water bottles behind the bar so you can keep everyone hydrated after the caterer leaves.

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