2 Photo Tips You Want to Know

1. Ask your officiant or whoever is marrying you to step to the side before your first kiss as man and wife. This moment is one of the most special moments of your entire wedding day. And it is your first kiss as a married couple! That one, single photo will be talked about for years to come. So make it special, by having just you and your fiancé in that moment (AKA: no awkward body or head behind you as you smooch)!

2. Photograph the last dance. While guests and everyone gets ready for your grand exit, spend a song together with your significant other, dancing and sharing that moment in your empty venue taking in all the decorations and soaking up the day that you spent months planning on. This is such a good idea, because it gives you a moment during your wedding day to really admire the day and your spouse. Make sure the photographer sneaks in at some point to get a really intamite shot of you and your hubby!

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