First Look or First Touch (part 2/2)

As I have mentioned previously, a first look isn’t for everyone, and that is okay! A lot of people want to save that moment for when they are walking down the aisle. And if that’s you, great! There are tons of other people that you could always do a first look with: your parents, grandparents, bridesmaids, even groomsmen.

But how can you have a moment with your soon to-be-spouse without seeing each other?

I like to call it, the first touch. I ask the photographer to find the most photogenic corner they can and put one person against one side and the other person on the other side wall with the corner of the wall separating them. At the same time, reach around the corner to feel for each other’s hands. And let me tell you, there is something about physical touch moments before you are about to walk down the aisle that is SOO special. (My husband and I did this because I wanted to be traditional and not have a first look. We did a first touch and a prayer and it was absolutely breathtaking!) I really recommend to anyone not doing a first look, to do a first touch.

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